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Apple iPhone 4

Why Clear-Coat?

At only 9.3mm thick, the iPhone 4 is an incredibly slim device - don't make the mistake of adding 50% more thickness to the phone by wrapping it in some leather case. Our iPhone 4 Skins are less than 1/100th of an inch thick, super clear, and protect your entire device. Clear-Coat is the perfect accessory for the iPhone 4.

    • Full Body Protection
    • Easy to Install
    • Works with Touchscreens
    • Over 1,000,000 Sold

Every Clear-Coat is designed and made in the USShips FREE in the US

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Price From: $14.99

  • Smooth!

    Review by stagedr


    Love how smooth it feels and how well the touchscreen works under the Clear Coat!
  • Essential¬°¬°¬°

    Review by axim01


    The best screen protector for ever, incredible tact sensibility. 100% recommendable.
  • Good Product

    Review by jhaley


    I've had this product for a year now. I have needed to replace it every 6 months because the edges start to lift a little with continuous use, but it is so worth it. It has a slight orange peel effect, but is barely noticeable. It completely protects my phone from scratches and underneath it looks as new as the day i got it!
  • Liked this stuff

    Review by Sridhar


    I was passing through the yorktown mall in lombard, IL and i noticed the video being played wherein a iphone with clear-coat installed was being rubbed against a stone and once it was peeled off, there was not even a scratch on the mobile.

    I have used many other protectors with screen and full body but this one seems promising. I am going to order one soon.

  • Awesome Product

    Review by Reubster


    Went on great and looks perfect
  • A+ Product!

    Review by BADSEED


    Look no further, this is the best and only screen protector you'll ever need for your iPhone. Fits perfect and installation is simple. Thank you for an excellent product!
  • Excellent without a DOUBT!!!

    Review by Jim


    All of our Smartphones in the family are protected by Clear-Coat for years now. The Price is worth to our precious Phones, it keeps them as new and Highly recommended without a doubt.
  • Better then the rest

    Review by ihtc


    I have been a clear skin guy for years now. I have used all of the leading brands and the less expensive brands. The best mix of quality, customer service, and price is 100% clear-coat. I was a huge fan of the "other" popular brand clear protector however i made the full switch early this year to all clear-coat! There is less orange peel and it leaves a very clear coat :) that you truly don't realize is there
  • great product

    Review by phd06


    the product is as advertised and provides excellent protection of your device. i have it for my iphone and ipod and could not be happier. it is easy to apply, if you make a mistake or have a bubble it does come off for reapplication no problem. i would recommend this highly
  • Best Ever!!!

    Review by iOwner


    Clear Coat is the Greatest mobile protection skin EVER !
    Very Thin and Clear indeed. Looks awesome on my iPhone 4. Love it !
    Been using it for like 5 months now; The screen and back protectors are still in good shape and serving their best. But the side strips picked up oil and dirt from my hands and the edges came off. Maybe you guys need to curve the edges of the side strips outwards rather than inwards so the pointy edges do not pick up lint and tend to lift up.(I know it looks nice around the speaker and sleep/wake button the way you designed) Maybe it's my fault. But better get those edges curved.
    Overall Awesome Product. Thank you guys.
  • Can't go wrong...

    Review by LisainSrq


    Why hide your sleek, sexy iPhone? Clear-Coat is the perfect alternative for a big, bulky cover. So simple to install too and the lifetime warranty makes it a no-brainer.
  • Awesome!!

    Review by bermudez4lyfe


    This is the best screenshield ever!!!
  • Great Product, Great Replacement Policy

    Review by JackW


    I bought this a year ago, and I still have it on my iPhone 4. The first time I applied it to my phone, the process seemed daunting, harder than your simple peel and stick. I had to reapply the coating several times until I was satisfied with the covering. But when it was done, my iPhone looked AMAZING. The covering itself is a little less slick than what they sell you at the stores, but I wouldn't trade the look for anything else. One day, I unpeeled a small corner by accident, and it wouldn't stick, so I sent it in and asked for a replacement, and they got me another box of this stuff! NO HASSLE! Amazing, most companies don't do it like this!!!
  • THE second half of your iPhone 4

    Review by Suleiman M.


    It was the first product I used and it will be the last...
    Clear-Coat is the best companion for your iPhone 4, it is a MUST HAVE accessory, it holds up very well, easy to install, easy to clean and it doesn't affect the touch screen, it is very thin, you will barely notice it is there, and it doesn't stand in the way of any case you want to put it in.
    During the time I took it off to order a replacement (which I LOVE, the lifetime warranty), I tried the "competitor product" and it was the worst experience ever for me!! I now have a back-up Clear-Coat, so in case I need to send mine for a replacement, I can install the back-up one and NOT any OTHER protective case. it is literally the second half made in heaven of your iPhone 4 or for any other device you are looking to buy the coat to ;) and btw, it made its way to the Middle East (since am from Jordan), it is THAT popular ;)
  • Easier than anticipated!

    Review by Stacey2726


    I'm rough on my phones and decided to buy the Blackberry Bold 9700. I didn't like any of the cases I saw, and the regular ones typically collect a lot of lint and require cleaning often. So, I thought this would be a great idea since I like the design and look of the phone. The product can be a little intimidating when you open the packaging, but it was very easy! I like that it applies and just blends in with the phone. While putting it on the phone I was worried about the bubbles around the corners and rounded edges, but if you just wait a moment or two, let the solution work and then press down, it adheres perfectly. I'll buy this for every phone I get in the future and highly recommend.
  • Awesome protection

    Review by Dan


    I don't understand how a company like apple can design a sleek and sexy device and then expect me to over it up with ugly cases so it doesn't get scratched! Clear-Coat provides the perfect alternative. I find the product to be easy to install but if you are afraid you might have trouble you can watch an install video on youtube ([...]). This is my third clear-coat (I have had it on all my iPhones 3G, 3Gs, and now 4G) and I have loved them all. I resell my phones when I'm done with them and they have all sold scratch free. Best $25 I have ever spent.
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