Bulk-Free Protection

Our crystal clear film protects your device from scratches,
yet it's so thin you'll hardly notice it's there. Ditch the
bulky case and use your phone, tablet, or laptop the
way it was meant to be used.

  • All of our products are proudly made in the USA and parts are
    sourced as locally as possible. Read more

  • Get a scratch in your Clear-Coat? Accidentally peeled it off? No worries - you
    can get a replacement Clear-Coat any time, for any reason. Just pay S&H.

  • Unhappy with your Clear-Coat? We welcome returns! Return any Clear-Coat
    purchased from Clear-Coat.com (used or unused) within 45 days for a full refund.

Custom-Cut for Every Device

Whether you have a tablet, watch, cell phone, MP3 player, laptop or practically anything else
you can imagine, we probably make a Clear-Coat for it. Keep everything you own looking new!

Resists Fingerprints

Clear-Coat skins have a special coating to help reduce
fingerprints from showing. Use your phone all day long
without having to constantly wipe it down. Check out
the photos to see the difference for yourself.

Added Grip Means Less Drops

Clear-Coat adds grip so your phone, laptop, iPad, or other device won't slip out of your hands so often. Our film won't grip your clothes, so you can take it out of your pocket with ease.

Practically Invisible

Check out the slideshow below to see how great Clear-Coat looks