Ideas Worth Backing: Front-of-Sink Cutting Board

Ideas worth backing

This is the second post of our “Ideas Worth Backing”, monthly feature. Every month, we hunt down a great idea or clever invention that we think is worth attention and support. It’s just one way we want to celebrate innovation and thinking outside the box. Last month we brought to you the Smart Lid, the cure for every burned taste bud. What’ll it be this month? Keep reading to find out! Most Cutting Boards are Terrible. I [Continue reading...]

Why Your Password is Never Secure (and what to do about it)

Why your password is never secure

You have dozens (if not hundreds) of online accounts that have a password. While most people know ‘abc123′ is a terrible password, and the tech-saavy know to use XKCD’s method, what you should really know is that your password is weak, no matter how long and cryptic it is. Because all passwords are equally vulnerable to being stolen from the various places they live in the cloud, ‘abc123′ is no more secure than ‘correcthorsebatterystapler’. That [Continue reading...]

The Benefits of a Curved Phone

Benefits of a Curved Phone

Curved phones are about to be all the rage right now. I couldn’t help but think: why? Aside from a new feature manufacturers can pitch consumers on, it turns out there are a number of real-world benefits curved screens offer on a phone: Nearly unbreakable Curved phones take advantage of a plastic substrate display, which allows the material to bend and flex without cracking (watch the LG G Flex bend). Aside from the cool factor [Continue reading...]

How Skeuomorphism Shaped Apple’s Interfaces

How skeuomorphism helped shape Apple

Skeuomorphism has had plenty of criticism in the past few years – and while its use (and the use of other design elements that are frequently called skeuomorphism, but are in fact not) got out of hand for a while, I believe the residual effects of bringing real-world representation in digital design run much deeper than appearance. More specifically, the process of designing skeuomorphically results in an easier to use, more engaging interface with features that may [Continue reading...]

President, CEO and Janitor

President, CEO and Janitor

The debate over “do titles matter?” is age-old, with no right or wrong answer. Some business owners say titles are a no-cost way for their company to offer employees value. Some say titles are worthless – it’s whether or not you execute that really counts. However there’s something that small business owners do that irks me. When your company has 1, 2, 5, etc people in it, what’s the point of designating yourself 1 or [Continue reading...]