Improve Your Mood and Productivity in 5 Steps


Operating a small business demands maximum efficiency out of our day while still maintaining sanity. Over the years, I’ve accumulated some tools, tips, and methods to help increase my personal productivity at work. Some of them might seem counterintuitive – but they’re battle-tested here in my office, and backed up with real scientific research as well. The upside of all this is that maximizing your productivity won’t mean putting more on your plate or becoming [Continue reading...]

What is Trello? How to use Trello to Organize Everything

What is Trello

Trello touts itself as a “collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards”, but that just doesn’t drive home how powerful of a tool it can be. As someone who previously relied on to-do lists for just about everything, it has changed the way I organize my thoughts, projects, and tasks – to the point where I am obsessed with finding new ways to use it (we even used it to redesign this blog). Because [Continue reading...]

Why The Specs Don’t Matter

Samsung iPhone 5 Ad

In this now-famous ad, Samsung takes a pretty harsh stab at Apple on the new iPhone 5.  As the ad indicates (you can see the full-blown graphic here), the Samsung Galaxy S3 destroys the iPhone 5 when comparing the “Spec Sheets” – so Samsung can’t help but ask: why is everyone fussing about the iPhone 5?

“Request a Quote” Pricing Model

Call for Quote

Businesses beware: we are officially in an era where transparency is praised and rewarded, and any business with a standardized service or product with non-standardized pricing obscured behind the banner of “Call us for a free quote” should beware…you’re putting your neck on the chopping block. There is nothing more infuriating than finding some great software, hardware, or other needed item, clicking the “Pricing” tab, and seeing those ugly few words:  ”Call us to request a [Continue reading...]

How to Be More Productive

How to Be More Productive

There’s an old saying that goes “If you want something done fast, give it to the busiest guy.” But when you’re that guy, how do you manage to get everything done? It’s all about being efficient and using the right tools to cut out unnecessary steps that are eating up your time – without you even knowing it. These tips are quick and easy to implement and will save you hours of time each week [Continue reading...]