6 Incredibly Useful Hidden iPhone Features

iPhone Level

We’ve written about what makes Apple’s user interface naturally intuitive, but there are some features on your iPhone (iOS 7 as of this update) that are not-so-easy to find, but incredibly helpful for the power user. Here are my favorite “hidden” iPhone features – though they’re not purposefully disguised by Apple – it just seems their initial discovery takes a little more time than “Swipe to Unlock”! Tap The Time to Immediately Scroll to The [Continue reading...]

How Skeuomorphism Shaped Apple’s Interfaces

How skeuomorphism helped shape Apple

Skeuomorphism has had plenty of criticism in the past few years – and while its use (and the use of other design elements that are frequently called skeuomorphism, but are in fact not) got out of hand for a while, I believe the residual effects of bringing real-world representation in digital design run much deeper than appearance. More specifically, the process of designing skeuomorphically results in an easier to use, more engaging interface with features that may [Continue reading...]

President, CEO and Janitor

President, CEO and Janitor

The debate over “do titles matter?” is age-old, with no right or wrong answer. Some business owners say titles are a no-cost way for their company to offer employees value. Some say titles are worthless – it’s whether or not you execute that really counts. However there’s something that small business owners do that irks me. When your company has 1, 2, 5, etc people in it, what’s the point of designating yourself 1 or [Continue reading...]

5 Frugal Habits of The World’s Wealthiest People

Sam Walton Pickup

There are millions of entrepreneurs in the world who’ve gone to great lengths to keep their businesses thriving, and in some cases, have achieved fantastic wealth as a result. One of the most interesting aspects to entrepreneurship, however, is just how many of these people I meet are also incredibly frugal. The common thought is that people go into business, and “risk it all”, in pursuit of the big house, the great vacations, the six-figure [Continue reading...]

Apple Just Cannibalized the MacBook Air

Apple Just Cannibalized the MacBook Air

Apple announced an update to the MacBook Pro the other day, making it lighter, thinner and faster. After reading the specs, I couldn’t help but think: why would anyone buy a MacBook Air anymore? As an Air user myself, I feel almost an obligation to upgrade to the Pro now that they are practically the same size AND price. Let’s compare: Size & Weight The MacBook Air is only .5lb lighter (14%), and .03″ thinner [Continue reading...]