Hidden iPhone Privacy Settings: A Guide

Private Property

Last week I wrote about some generally helpful hidden iPhone features – but there’s another set of buried settings and features to your iPhone that are also incredible important to learn about: privacy. There are settings and menus within your iPhone’s privacy settings that are 100% undocumented publicly by Apple – the only way to find out what these menu options do is to call into Apple within your first 90 days of tech support. [Continue reading...]

6 Incredibly Useful Hidden iPhone Features

iPhone Level

We’ve written about what makes Apple’s user interface naturally intuitive, but there are some features on your iPhone (iOS 7 as of this update) that are not-so-easy to find, but incredibly helpful for the power user. Here are my favorite “hidden” iPhone features – though they’re not purposefully disguised by Apple – it just seems their initial discovery takes a little more time than “Swipe to Unlock”! Tap The Time to Immediately Scroll to The [Continue reading...]

How Skeuomorphism Shaped Apple’s Interfaces

How skeuomorphism helped shape Apple

Skeuomorphism has had plenty of criticism in the past few years – and while its use (and the use of other design elements that are frequently called skeuomorphism, but are in fact not) got out of hand for a while, I believe the residual effects of bringing real-world representation in digital design run much deeper than appearance. More specifically, the process of designing skeuomorphically results in an easier to use, more engaging interface with features that may [Continue reading...]

Yards Tap Handle Throwdown: Behind the Scenes

Yards Tap Handle Throwdown

For the past few months here in Philadelphia, a lot of talented designers, makers, and artists went head-to-head in the Yards Tap Handle Throwdown at NextFab Studio. This was a great idea by NextFab and Yards: the goal was to conceptualize and create a real-life prototype of a new tap handle for Philadelphia’s local brewery, Yards. The winning design gets a whole bunch of beer-related prizes, but best of all, the tap handle actually gets [Continue reading...]

How to Save Hard Drive Space

How to Save Hard Drive Space

With solid-state drives becoming more popular, despite their big price tag, hard drive space becomes something you need to watch closely. While most laptops with a traditional hard drive come with 500gb or even 1TB of space, most solid state drives are 128GB or 256GB. Remember the days of putting your large files on ZIP drives and burned CD’s to save hard drive space?  While that’s not practical anymore, here’s some tips to save space [Continue reading...]