Cricket CAPTR 2 (A210)

Cricket CAPTR 2 (A210)

Benefits of Clear-Coat

Our industrial designers worked hard to make sure the Clear-Coat Full Body Cover and Screen Protector would work flawlessly with the Cricket CAPTR 2. The CAPTR 2 is a flip phone, so we had to design around all the moving parts and hinges - but the end result is perfect. Clear-Coat offers you total coverage of your phone, without ever disrupting the normal functionality of the flip hinges, battery doors, or any other moving parts on the CAPTR 2!

    • Full Body Protection
    • Easy to Install
    • Works with Touchscreens
    • Over 1,000,000 Sold

Every Clear-Coat is designed and made in the USShips FREE in the US

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Price From: $14.99

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Cricket CAPTR 2 (A210)

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