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  • Great Product

    Review by anthony1002


    This screen protector is great,it hidr,my small scratches in my screen. The only thing wrong with this screen protector it doesnt cover the middle of the top.. Its noticeable unless you look the reason i mention is because if you are looking a 100 percent perfect fit you will need to look somewhere else. But this screen protector is great.
  • Great!

    Review by W0000F


    Looks invisible to the eye at first glance. Pair it with an otterbox defender case (without their built in screen protector) and you have great iphone protection all around. Love it!
  • The BEST Film

    Review by Nalsur


    Easy to install.
    Take all free space of the screen, and... damn, I love this stuff!
  • impressive

    Review by Edith


    Thank you so much Clear-Coat I have use this to custom cut my table it works really good!!!
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    Review by Trivendra Sharma


    i am using it...and its really awesome !!!!!
  • Excellent Product!! Best on Market!!

    Review by John


    As an avid Apple fan, I am always looking for easy, simple ways to protect my Apple devices. The Clear-Coat protector designed for my iPod Classic, 7th generation, is absolutely perfect. Covers all sides as well as the front and back of the iPod without adding a lot of bulk to the device, which is an important feature for me with any case or cover. Extremely durable, and seems like the protector is virtually scratch resistant itself!! Installation was a little tricky, but if you resign yourself to the fact that it will require a little bit of patience in installing the product, you'll have no problems. I was so impressed with this product, that I have ordered Clear-Coat protectors for my iPhone 5, iPad 3 and iPad Mini. Can't recommend these products enough. They are the answer to keeping your Apple devices scratch free, and looking brand new for years to come!!
  • I like it.

    Review by akif


    I am from Turkey in istabul city.this product is great...!
    recommend anyone to say "buy"....
    I bought it for the second phone.I used the first phone for 1.5 years and 0 errors...
    excellent protection and invisible...!
  • Almost perfect

    Review by Evgeni


    The material used is of superb quality and durability, although not as resistant to fingerprints as stated.
    The front and rear protectors fitted precisely, but I had some trouble with the side protectors. They would not cover the side panel s entirely, rather there was a millimeter of unprotected surface left at the edges. In my opinion, the side protectors are not really necessary.
    But the next time I want to buy screen protector for my phone - I will choose Clear Coat.
  • Better protection than I'd expected, for the conditions

    Review by Don


    A few years ago I ordered the full body cover for my iPad 2. My wife has it now and it's still, in my opinion, the "primo" cover on the market.
    About 6 months ago I ordered the newer version for my new iPad 4th gen. Initially there was some "stumbling" in that it didn't seem as easy to install as the previous one. Thanks to some very patient customer service with Clear Coat (Thanks, Josh. Sorry I forgot to thank you sooner) I was good to Equatorial Africa. The cover has taken quite a beating on this trip. There are a couple of scrapes/scratches on the face that probably won't come out ever, but the device I bought it to protect is just fine, so I think it did the job. I also found that if you have insect repellent with DEET on your hands, when you touch the screen you'll leave a fingerprint. If you don't remove it right away, it will permanently etch your fingerprint into the Clear Coat cover. But I wouldn't imagine that sort of rigor and chemical interaction was a part of the manufacturer testing.
    Shorten the story - The product has done an OUTSTANDING job of protecting my device. But it's suffered pretty badly and I'll need to replace the screen cover. The one that I put on my original iPad 2 is still in pristine condition.

    Although it may have to be replaced from time to time if you work/travel in rough conditions, I would expect that it would do it's ultimate job, which is to protect your investment from damage.

    I'd do it again, and I will.
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