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  • Better protection than I'd expected, for the conditions

    Review by Don


    A few years ago I ordered the full body cover for my iPad 2. My wife has it now and it's still, in my opinion, the "primo" cover on the market.
    About 6 months ago I ordered the newer version for my new iPad 4th gen. Initially there was some "stumbling" in that it didn't seem as easy to install as the previous one. Thanks to some very patient customer service with Clear Coat (Thanks, Josh. Sorry I forgot to thank you sooner) I was good to Equatorial Africa. The cover has taken quite a beating on this trip. There are a couple of scrapes/scratches on the face that probably won't come out ever, but the device I bought it to protect is just fine, so I think it did the job. I also found that if you have insect repellent with DEET on your hands, when you touch the screen you'll leave a fingerprint. If you don't remove it right away, it will permanently etch your fingerprint into the Clear Coat cover. But I wouldn't imagine that sort of rigor and chemical interaction was a part of the manufacturer testing.
    Shorten the story - The product has done an OUTSTANDING job of protecting my device. But it's suffered pretty badly and I'll need to replace the screen cover. The one that I put on my original iPad 2 is still in pristine condition.

    Although it may have to be replaced from time to time if you work/travel in rough conditions, I would expect that it would do it's ultimate job, which is to protect your investment from damage.

    I'd do it again, and I will.
  • EPIC!!!!

    Review by techgenius


    No orange peel effect, reasonably easy to install and very high quality, beats zaag any day. My new favourite screen/body protector!! :)
  • Cracking product

    Review by Fatbhoyjim


    Had this fitted at a mall in Glasgow Scotland. As I was the first to buy he did me a deal which was good. Product is excellent and have had no problems at all. Would definitely recommend.

    Review by #htcOne owner


    It's just brilliant! I've used so many different types of protection on my device's and until now was a big zagg fan. My friend sent me one of these and WOW its so much better than my zagg invisible shield on my one x, this feels just like the glass and you can't tell it's even on the device and even better there's no orange peel like you get on other products like zagg. Clear coat will be my first choice of protection for my devices from now on! :)
  • Ok

    Review by Rad


    It gets alot of scratches though
  • not bad

    Review by docfad


    I bought the clear-coat for my iphone5 from an Abu Dhabi seller.
    I have to say that i am overall happy from the product, but I have 2 remarks/negative feedback:
    -the front cover opening for the speaker area and front camera is wider than the designated area. It is also not symmetric, making very bad impression when looking at it.
    -the back and front covers could be little bit wider in order to cover the whole areas till the edges. Because dust is being collected between the
  • This is Great

    Review by Billy


    This product is great it is easy to put on and it protects your device perfectly
  • awesome

    Review by bras83


    I was scared at the way to install them, but all you need is only to be calm and patient. The wet application is good, you just have to put the skin in the right position and rub away the excess liquid.
    The only little note i have to make is that the back skin is a little narrower than the width of the phone, just 1 mm each side.
    Now i'm using finally my iphone without bumpers or covers, and i'm finally glad of it!
  • The Best!

    Review by JC


    I have been using the full body protection for my iPhone 4 over two years now and it is by far better than any other screen protector I have used. Its so easy to apply and long lasting. The lifetime guarantee is also great and getting a replacement is simple.
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