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  • Ok

    Review by Rad


    It gets alot of scratches though
  • not bad

    Review by docfad


    I bought the clear-coat for my iphone5 from an Abu Dhabi seller.
    I have to say that i am overall happy from the product, but I have 2 remarks/negative feedback:
    -the front cover opening for the speaker area and front camera is wider than the designated area. It is also not symmetric, making very bad impression when looking at it.
    -the back and front covers could be little bit wider in order to cover the whole areas till the edges. Because dust is being collected between the
  • This is Great

    Review by Billy


    This product is great it is easy to put on and it protects your device perfectly
  • awesome

    Review by bras83


    I was scared at the way to install them, but all you need is only to be calm and patient. The wet application is good, you just have to put the skin in the right position and rub away the excess liquid.
    The only little note i have to make is that the back skin is a little narrower than the width of the phone, just 1 mm each side.
    Now i'm using finally my iphone without bumpers or covers, and i'm finally glad of it!
  • The Best!

    Review by JC


    I have been using the full body protection for my iPhone 4 over two years now and it is by far better than any other screen protector I have used. Its so easy to apply and long lasting. The lifetime guarantee is also great and getting a replacement is simple.
  • Great Product

    Review by Tin Nguyen


    Truly amazing! Just needs a matte back and sides.... Kinda missing the real iPhone 5 feel. A little disappointed because I heard their customers are primarily iPhone users yet they don't have a matte version for any of the iPhones
  • Good, could be much better

    Review by Don't mess with a good thing


    The film, according to the perimeter mall store, is standard that it doesn't cover around the home button completely like the iPhone covers before the 5. By being consistent with Clear-Coat's past quality and form-factor would be appreciated.
  • the perfect protection for my vita!

    Review by kophee


    my first purchase of the clear-coat full body kit for my vita and I have to say I'm very satisfied with it! Too many pieces to individually place on the unit but I think this works better than other skins offering just one whole skin for the back and sides. This way I was able to take my time with one area of the unit at a time and not worry about misalignment. Love it!
  • Quality Product for my Nexus

    Review by NexusGuy


    I was very impressed with how this Clear Coat product went on my Nexus S 4g. The front Screen protector pretty quick and with a little time,the back cover protector went on very nicely. Great Product !
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