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  • I absolutely love it!

    Review by FABULOUS!!!


    I can't express to you in words how happy I am about this product, you can't even tell that it is on my iPad because it is so clear! It keeps my iPad fingerprint proof and scratch free. I got it installed at the mall and the guy did the back and front in around 10 minutes! Unbelievable! There is an installation charge at the mall, but it is well worth it. I'm so happy with this product that I'm going to get the clear coat on my iPhone and iPod Nano.
  • This screen protector is amazing.

    Review by adlux13


    I've been a fan of clear-coat ever since my first screen protector for my original Galaxy S. I don't plan on ever buying one from another place. This is perfect!
  • Very good product

    Review by Ema987


    I bought this clear-coat because i bought other in the past for my other devices. Very good at all as everytime, it's the best product on the market. Truly reccomended this one for your super protection!!
  • Best Protection!

    Review by Mitchell


    Best Protection Hands Down! I Can Have My Keys and iPhone In The Same Pocket and Not Have To Worry About Scratches After I Take It Out and Again!
    Its Also Affordable Too! 14.99 I'll Gladly Pay Rather Than The 29.99 Competitors!
  • I love Clear-Coat!

    Review by sno


    I have used Clear-Coat for years. This product does not disappoint. The staff is incredibly helpful and the lifetime guarantee is 100% worth it! Wouldn't shop anywhere else! Thank you!
  • Excellent stuff

    Review by vZ


    It great fits to my Retina MBP and looks very well. I can enjoy using my Macbook without worrying to scratch it. Thanks.
  • Essential¬°¬°¬°

    Review by axim01


    The best screen protector for ever, incredible tact sensibility. 100% recommendable.
  • Amazing!

    Review by CSchexx


    Clear-Coat has been the only type of scratch protection I use for over a year now & Clear-Coat is WAAAAAY better than other screen shields and Clear-Coat makes the ZAGG invisible shield look like crap! I love Clear-Coat! it's amazing how clear it is! Clear-Coat is surely the way to go! :D
  • Great Scratch Protection

    Review by sfdeb


    I got the full kit protecting the screen and body and I know it is offering great scratch protection and given how easy the body scratches I'm glad I pad the extra for that. Clear coat has a superior feel when using the ipad than my previous non-glare protector I had on my last ipad. Your finger(s) move freely over the screen and all functions work properly.

    Negatives would be that the screen protector appears to magnify fingerprints so I have to clean it all the time, and the protector itself has gotten some marks from the folio cover where it touches the screen when closed. Luckily those marks are at the outside edge of the screen so they don't effect viewing. I had an anti-glare screen protector on my ipad 2 and it did not get any marks from the cover (I had the exact same one just for the ipad2), and it didn't show fingerprints but it didn't have a nice of a touch as the Clear Coat which is important on a devise that you rely on a touch screen to operate.

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