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  • Great Scratch Protection

    Review by sfdeb


    I got the full kit protecting the screen and body and I know it is offering great scratch protection and given how easy the body scratches I'm glad I pad the extra for that. Clear coat has a superior feel when using the ipad than my previous non-glare protector I had on my last ipad. Your finger(s) move freely over the screen and all functions work properly.

    Negatives would be that the screen protector appears to magnify fingerprints so I have to clean it all the time, and the protector itself has gotten some marks from the folio cover where it touches the screen when closed. Luckily those marks are at the outside edge of the screen so they don't effect viewing. I had an anti-glare screen protector on my ipad 2 and it did not get any marks from the cover (I had the exact same one just for the ipad2), and it didn't show fingerprints but it didn't have a nice of a touch as the Clear Coat which is important on a devise that you rely on a touch screen to operate.

  • I love Clear Coat

    Review by andreaproietti


    Beautiful skin! Clear-Coat offers a complete protection to your device and it's simple to use thanks to liquid spray!!!!!!
  • Great stuff

    Review by vZ


    I received it yesterday and already put it on my MBP retina. It fits great, and looks awesome. Thanks.
  • Works Great

    Review by Mike S


    The cover does an excellent job of keeping the screen safe & scratch free. I'm not too gentle with my phone and I've never have had any problems with any Clear-Coat products.
  • Very nice product

    Review by Amine


    Nice but when i go to install the clear-coat for my ipad 3 they install me for ipad 2 is it okay with it
  • Awesome keeps it clean

    Review by executivechefmartin


    I use Clear-Coat on my phone & my Galaxy Tab and it does such an awesome job protecting it from all the spill & mishaps in my commercial kitchen where if you name it it can be there. Oil Grease, Acids, Etc.. have to replace the one on my Tab because my daughter was messing with it> i have them both for my phone & for my Tab for over a year & a half now thats quality. I've tried others just for my phone & had to replace multiple times in a month. You go Clear-Coat. Thanks for Keepin' it clean!!!
  • Just works

    Review by 21plays


    easy to apply, stays on even in hot weather. Totally satisfied. Totally recommend
  • Good Product

    Review by jhaley


    I've had this product for a year now. I have needed to replace it every 6 months because the edges start to lift a little with continuous use, but it is so worth it. It has a slight orange peel effect, but is barely noticeable. It completely protects my phone from scratches and underneath it looks as new as the day i got it!
  • too thick?

    Review by donna


    I purchased this to protect my tablet but it maybe more aggravating then its worth! The thickness makes the sensitivity very low. You have to tap several times to get a response at times. I think I will be removing this and using a generic instead.
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