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  • Best Ever!!!

    Review by iOwner


    Clear Coat is the Greatest mobile protection skin EVER !
    Very Thin and Clear indeed. Looks awesome on my iPhone 4. Love it !
    Been using it for like 5 months now; The screen and back protectors are still in good shape and serving their best. But the side strips picked up oil and dirt from my hands and the edges came off. Maybe you guys need to curve the edges of the side strips outwards rather than inwards so the pointy edges do not pick up lint and tend to lift up.(I know it looks nice around the speaker and sleep/wake button the way you designed) Maybe it's my fault. But better get those edges curved.
    Overall Awesome Product. Thank you guys.
  • works as advertised

    Review by slim20


    It seemed to take several more days than usual ordering online for my Clear-Coat kit to be shipped. The demonstration video was helpful for installing the protector pieces on my phone. It wasn't exactly easy to install them, but it was doable. I knew it was going to take longer to install than was estimated. My hands shake a little. I had to take off my glasses off to see as close-up as needed to work. It took me about an hour to get satisfactory results. I had barely enough lubricant spray to finish. I like how it looks and feels on my phone. I can and do still use the phone's OEM slipcase. After being installed for three months the protector is not adhering on the top side corners (the corners not protected by the slipcase) and one bottom side corner. I'm visiting the Clear-Coat website today to see how I might fix the three protector pieces. I may need to replace them. I regard the problems described as minor and easily fixed.
  • Can't go wrong...

    Review by LisainSrq


    Why hide your sleek, sexy iPhone? Clear-Coat is the perfect alternative for a big, bulky cover. So simple to install too and the lifetime warranty makes it a no-brainer.
  • Awesome!!

    Review by bermudez4lyfe


    This is the best screenshield ever!!!
  • The best!!

    Review by smc


    I've used Clear-Coat for 3 phones, it is the easiest to install and works the best! I love the lifetime warranty...I had to replace my phone so I just took it off and sent it in and got another for the new phone. I wouldn't even think of using another brand. This is the BEST product AND company to use!!
  • awesome product

    Review by ani


    it is a very good protection for mobile phones....
  • Clear-Coat The Best

    Review by EmaRacing


    I bought a Desire HD/Inspire about an year ago. I knew i had immediately to purchase the Clear-Coat for my brand new device as i've done for my previous ones. Sure it will fit best way and protect it from scratches. 365 days had passed through and my Desire HD is still brand new!!! Love Clear-Coat!
  • Great Product, Great Replacement Policy

    Review by JackW


    I bought this a year ago, and I still have it on my iPhone 4. The first time I applied it to my phone, the process seemed daunting, harder than your simple peel and stick. I had to reapply the coating several times until I was satisfied with the covering. But when it was done, my iPhone looked AMAZING. The covering itself is a little less slick than what they sell you at the stores, but I wouldn't trade the look for anything else. One day, I unpeeled a small corner by accident, and it wouldn't stick, so I sent it in and asked for a replacement, and they got me another box of this stuff! NO HASSLE! Amazing, most companies don't do it like this!!!
  • THE second half of your iPhone 4

    Review by Suleiman M.


    It was the first product I used and it will be the last...
    Clear-Coat is the best companion for your iPhone 4, it is a MUST HAVE accessory, it holds up very well, easy to install, easy to clean and it doesn't affect the touch screen, it is very thin, you will barely notice it is there, and it doesn't stand in the way of any case you want to put it in.
    During the time I took it off to order a replacement (which I LOVE, the lifetime warranty), I tried the "competitor product" and it was the worst experience ever for me!! I now have a back-up Clear-Coat, so in case I need to send mine for a replacement, I can install the back-up one and NOT any OTHER protective case. it is literally the second half made in heaven of your iPhone 4 or for any other device you are looking to buy the coat to ;) and btw, it made its way to the Middle East (since am from Jordan), it is THAT popular ;)
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