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  • full protection for s6

    Review by jakieboy


    It is good fit front and back faces. Just apart from the outer outercovers are quite short and gather dirt other than this worth the £35
  • Excellent

    Review by Shariq


    I will definetely go for it. I tried in my Note 3 and it had worked. Now i will put on my Note 4.
  • The back half is perfect.

    Review by mrry


    That's the thing. The back and side skins are awesome. If you have the red Droid Turbo you'll want this skin. It really helps with the slipperiness. As for the front skin... It kinda stinks. It feels like thick final. The glare is just awful. I used a competitor screen protector for the front. The combo works awesome.
  • Perfect back cover

    Review by MRRY


    The back cover is awesome. We have the Red carbon back and this skin offers great grip and adds a nice shine. The application takes time. It'll take 30 minutes to get everything on right. For coverage for the Droid Turbo body you can't beat the Clear-Coat. Note! It will not work with the ballistic nylon.
  • Great

    Review by Tye


    I Love the material but only wish they had matte and real feel for samsung devices as well

    Review by RUDRAPRATAP


    the display size of this phone is perfect.looking good
  • Great product

    Review by JaneR


    The clear coat product delivers all-around protection as advertised. One application lasts > 6 months without peeling or noticeable discoloration.
    It fits the phone perfectly.
  • Works for me ...!!!

    Review by TAV Rules


    Screen Guard is good ....well i am satisfied .... :)
  • Great Product

    Review by anthony1002


    This screen protector is great,it hidr,my small scratches in my screen. The only thing wrong with this screen protector it doesnt cover the middle of the top.. Its noticeable unless you look the reason i mention is because if you are looking a 100 percent perfect fit you will need to look somewhere else. But this screen protector is great.
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