Lifetime Guarantee Replacement
Every Clear-Coat comes with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Whether you had trouble installing it on your device or your Clear-Coat is fading, peeling, or coming off, we will send you a replacement. In order to qualify for replacement, you must still have your old Clear-Coat pieces.

How it works

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    Fill Out the Lifetime Replacement Form

    Enter your information in the online form, and use your credit card to pay the $3.95 shipping and handling fee.
  • 2

    We'll Ship You the Replacement Product

    We'll ship out your replacement right away, so you're never left unprotected!  US customers can expect their replacement Clear-Coat to arrive within a week or two (to allow for shipping and processing times).  International replacements can take longer (about 3-5 weeks).
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    Mail Us Your Old Clear-Coat Pieces with the Form Provided

    Use the form we provide to mail back your old Clear-Coat pieces.  Don't forget to add postage to the envelope before mailing it out!

    Note: We must receive your old Clear-Coat pieces within 60 days of your order. Failure to send your old Clear-Coat back will result in a charge for the full retail price for the item being replaced.
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