Privacy Policy

Clear-Coat understands your concern for privacy, and how your information is used or distributed.  By viewing our web page, you agree to this privacy statement.


What Information Does Collect?
We only collect data willingly given to us by becoming a member.  Any information you submit during membership (Name, Phone, Address, etc) will be entered into Database.  This database is viewable only by the administrators of

Do You Use Cookies To Collect Data About Me?
No.  We believe cookies to be an unethical approach of collecting customer data.  You will be asked about any information we collect about you.

Does Sell the Customer Information Stated Above?
No.  We do not sell your contact information to third party companies, nor do we compile "Mailing Lists" to sell to other companies.  Your information can, however, be transferred with ownership of the site.

What Information Do You Share That Is Not Mentioned Above?
Viewer behavior may be shared in marketing campaigns.  "Viewer Behavior" is defined as the number of "hits" to the site, the number of "hits" to individual pages within, and amount of time spent at these pages.  In no way is this information user-specific, and will merely be portrayed as statistical figures, completely blind of personal information.

How About When I Purchase a product Via PayPal, Google or Credit Card on
We use industry standard secure encryption to protect your sensitive information. No critical information is ever transmitted using an unsecure connection.